A (healthy) guide to Milan

Milan! The city of very well dressed people, beautiful architecture, pizza and gelato. I visited Milan for a weekend and here are my tips for you!

Il Duomo
Did you know: the Duomo is the largest church in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. And you don’t have to go far from the centre of Milan to see it. Good to know: just around the corner of Il Duomo there’s a ice cream shop (named Vanilla Gelati Italiani) that sells vegan icecream and vegan & glutenfree cones.


Vegan food in Milan
There’s plenty of vegan food, I promise. It’s near the central station of Milan where the vegan restaurants seem to concentrate a bit. I visited Mantra Raw Vegan for a three course meal and Flower Burger for a quick vegan burger and fries. There are also different restaurants that have gluten free pizza’s.

The architecture! Near the Duomo is a shopping mall that is so very beautiful, but basically every building in Milan is worth looking at. Corso Como Milano is a beautiful hidden place, filled with lights. If you enter, you’ll find a wonderful garden, a restaurant and a shop with designer goodies.


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