A Healthy Guide to London

London! You are so beautiful! I spent a weekend in London and gathered all the awesome hotspots (mainly food, of course). Here they are!

My favourite restaurants? Tibits, Vantra Vitao and Vegan Hippo. Oh and the store ánd restaurant in one: Planet Organic. At Tibits you weigh your food and pay accordingly and the taste is delicious. Vantra Vitao is a hidden spot in Oxford Street where the food is amazing and very nurturing. Vegan Hippo is pretty cool and serves vegan hotdog and burgers. Planet Organic is like an organic and vegan heaven.

Notting Hill is the place to be if you like cool surroundings and colored houses. You can’t not take any pictures here.


The Big Ben is very impressive to see. And the neighbourhood with the Eye of London should definitely be on your go to list in London.


Neils Yard is another hidden gem. A cute corner with cute shops and cute restaurants.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?



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