How I take care of my hair

Very often people ask my how I take care of my hair. First of all, I think that hair has a lot to do with genes. I have been given genes for long hair with a slight wave in it. But there are definitely a lot of things one can do to keep their hair healthy. For example, eat healthy. I make sure the things I eat are nutritionally fullfilling. I know what minerals to eat to keep my hair healthy. I eat lots of fruit, veggies and healthy carbohydrates and fats.

Next to that, I use a good hair brush. My favourite is from wetbrush and I use that under the shower or after I showered.

I’ve never dyed my hair and I don’t use things with chemicals like hairspray. I use all natural types of shampoo like Khadi from India or Mermaid Shampoo from America. I buy Khadi at Lavendula in Amsterdam and Mermaid I get in the coolest concept store of Amsterdam: Miuse.





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