My favorite places to wander in Amsterdam

When you get used to something, you often stop seeing the beauty in it. At least, it happens to me. I hop on my bike every morning to get to work, I pass the most beautiful buildings and the iconic Amsterdam canals, but I don’t always notice how beautiful things are when I’m in a hurry. Every now and then, I realize what a beautiful town Amsterdam is. So, here is my top-5 spots in Amsterdam that make me appreciate my city all over again.

  1. The Canals
    Early in the morning or in the middle of the night are, to me, the best times to view the canals. When it’s early, the city is still calm en empty. Watching the sun rise, looking out on the canals is breathtaking. But also at night, when the canals are lit up by cute lights is quite fascinating.
  2. Hortus Botanicus
    A tropical, botanical garden in the middle of the centre? That’s Hortus Botanicus. Every time I come here, I wonder why I don’t go often. The temperature inside the glass houses is great (especially when it’s cold outside). The plants are beautiful and I imagine the place being inspirational because of the way it looks and the amount of plants producing oxygen.
  3. The Flevopark
    In the East of Amsterdam, you can find the Flevopark which looks basically like a little forest. I think, if painters like Monet and Cezanne lived here, they would be spending their days here. In summer it’s quite busy, but I love to also walk or bike through it on a typical fall day.
  4. NDSM
    If you like flea markets, a tiny city beach and organic food from glass box, then NDSM is a great place to visit. You can take the ferry from Central Station and visit the flea markets (called IJhallen) every month. At the restaurant Pllek, there’s a tiny beach. In summer, it’s a great ‘city escape’ place to have fun. Noorderlicht is a restaurant looking like a glass box where they have food for basically everyone (from vegan to meat eater).
  5. The Museum district
    At Museumplein (translated: Museum square), there are so many cool museums. Recently added to our ‘collections of museums’, is the Moco museum with exhbitions from artists like Banksy, Warhol and Dali.



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