How to: eat more greens

Apart from the misery in the animal products industries, I think it’s a good idea to eat more greens. But starting your day with spinach, that doesn’t really sounds very appealing does it? Here’s how to eat more greens.

  1. Start your day with veggies

    Vegetables for breakfast? Gross? Honestly: it sounds a lot worse than it is. If you start your day with a smoothie bowl, it’s very easy to add celery, spinach or lettuce without losing the sweet taste of your fruity smoothie bowl. The same goes for breakfast with oatmeal: zucchini, for example, you won’t taste when used in oatmeal.


  2. Forget about that sandwich with cheese

    Hi there, it’s 2017. So no more sandwiches with bacon or cheese. What to eat? A plate filled with veggies, raw or cooked. Or a salad maybe. Soup? How does taco’s with vegetables and potatoes sound? Or what about spring rolls (which you make the day before work) with carrot, mango, cucumber, mushrooms etc. And if your budget is big enough, you can have a healthy delivery meal.


  3. And veggies for dinner of course

In the past week, I joined the #EatGreenChallenge from Marley Spoon. You choose the dishes you like and they send you the organic ingredients in a box. No ingredients will go to waste that way ánd you learn new recipes. I tried the Indian chickpea curry and the Chili sin carne with lentils, beans and bell pepper. The recipes are very easy and taste delicious. Check out more on

image2 (1)

image1 (5)

  1. Smoothies!

    I love smoothies. And I love making them with a hand full of veggies in there. Spinach, celery, beetroots: you barely taste it but you do get a shot of those healthy minerals. Yay!

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How do you add more vegetables to your meals?


2 thoughts on “How to: eat more greens

  1. I should really up my vegetable intake! I am pretty good with my lunch and dinners but I should definitely start adding zucchini to my morning porridge!
    Elizabeth || Liz Living


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