My favorite vegan (cook) books

Ever since I started eating plant based, I love cooking. Before that, I hated it. Really. But since I’ve discovered the perks of the vegan cuisine, I lóve spendig time in the kitchen. And eating everything I’ve made, of course. Here are my favorite vegan cook books!


Easy Vegan

Want to eat more vegan food, but don’t know where to start? Easy Vegan has all the delicious but basic vegan recipes. From American pancakes to homemade hummus. Score it here.


Deliciously Ella

Healthy plant based recipes can be found in this book. The recipes are also gluten and sugar free. But no worries: everything is, as the title might give away, very delicious. Buy it here.


Your 50 Days of Green Happiness – The Winter Edition

I don’t really like winter, but I already look forward to spending days in the kitchen with this book and it’s delicious recipes. Also fun: there’s an entire Holiday menu to make sure you get through December eating only yummy vegan stuff. Plus: there’s só much information in here about health and why people eat plant based. Definitely worth having. Score it here.


Lisa Goes Vegan book

Looking for some delish recipe inspiration? Try the cook book of Lisa Goes Vegan filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner ánd dessert inspiration. What’s not to love? Shop the book here.


Vegan Love Story

I got this book after visiting Restaurant Tibits in London where they serve the most delicious vegan food. It really is a love story. Score it here.


Rawsome Vegan Baking

Pie’s, cookies, ice cream, cupcakes: do I have your attention? That’s what I thought. And the best thing: everything is vegan, gluten free and raw. Hurray! Shop it here.

What’s your favorite vegan cook book?


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