A week in a retreat in Ibiza – this was my experience

Gabrielle Koster

Healthy food, lots of sunshine, a beautiful resort with a pool and daily yoga classes: here’s my experience of the Your Green Ibiza Escape, a retreat organised by the ladies of The Green Happiness and Lisa Goes Vegan.

Busy, busy, busy
A job, a social life, a love life, working out and see the world: life can get quite busy. Sometimes a bit too busy. So when I read about a 7-day retreat on Ibiza (Morna Retreats) that focused on healthy food and pausing that busy life, I got curious. Ibiza, isn’t that the island where people go to party and get drunk? Wrong. There’s a small part where people live for parties and drugs, but that’s only a small part. If you know where to be, Ibiza can be the most beautiful and relaxed place ever.


So you drank green juices for seven days?
Again: wrong! Let me tell you more about it. This 7-day retreat was organised by The Green Happiness (both dietitians and orthomolecular physicians) and Lisa Goes Vegan who is a (neuro)psychologist. On the program? Every day I was served the most delicious, healthy and pure food made by chefs Cristina and Roger from Raices de Ibiza, I practiced yoga, I meditated ánd there were masterclasses about healthy food, our bodies and the environment. And in that entire week, I only drank one(!) green juice.


Wasn’t it boring?
Au contraire! Next to being totally relaxed and well fed, there were other activities and I got to read a book in full peace near the pool, in the sun. What else could I have asked for?

So what did it bring you?
When I went home (almost a kilo lighter, but don’t expect too much losing weight benefits in seven days please) I felt completely relaxed and filled with fresh energy. The ladies really gave me all the tools to become the best version of myself.


Sounds good? 
That’s what I thought. Good news, there will be more retreats like these. In fact, in April/May 2018 there will be a new edition, which will be a week full of relaxation but also of fun activities. A week in which you’ll enjoy super healthy and good tasting 100% plant based food. A week in which you’ll learn how to keep in touch with that relaxed state of being, even when you go back to your daily, hectic life. More information can be found here.


PS: I was at the retreat in 2016 and shot my pictures with a not-so-good phone camera. Sawry.