A weekend in Vienna: the must sees & do’s in this city

Gabrielle Koster

In the eighties the band Ultravox made a song about Vienna, called – well – Vienna. I had never been to Vienna until August this year, but after being in this beautiful city I can totally understand why Ultravox sang about Vienna. Of course, I will share my favorite things to do in this city.


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Together with Nathalie and Valerie and in collaboration with hats-, bags- and accessories-brand Barts, I stayed at the beautiful 25 hours hotel, located in the Museumsquarter. The rooms are decorated with cool murals and funny gadgets. On the rooftop is a popular bar where you can have a drink at night. My favorite room? The room with a bathtub on the balcony.


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Art & history

This city is filled with museums. From the Art History Museum to the Belvedere Palace and even Schloss Schönbrunn, where princess Sissi used to live. All these and more are to be found around the MuseumsQuarter. We spend one and a half day with guide Jeannette who told us all about princess Sissi and what a feminist rebel she was. Did you know: it was unheard of to not wear any earrings and to show your ears in public back in the day in Vienna? Prinsess Sissi’s response? She refused to wear earrings and cut her hair so you always could see her ears. She also wrote poems criticizing the materialistic elite and asked someone to publish them 50 years after her death. Another thing I learned: that the artist Gustav Klimt was Austrian and made beautiful murals in buildings like the Kunsthistorisches Museum.


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The food in Vienna is delish. And the best thing: there are so many vegan options. My three favorites?

Veggiezz, with really, really good vegan and gluten free burgers with sweet potato fries.


Delicious Vegan Bistro, where you can choose from three delicious vegan meals. This super cute bistro has a super sweet owner.

image1 (4)

Tian Bistro, a very fancy restaurant with vegan options. I chose the homemade hibiscus lemonade and the cucumber with seaweed and the Tian Raphaelo with shiitake sauce.


The architecture

Just strolling through this city is already spectacular enough. The beautiful buildings and the cosy cafés: they all make Vienna such a beautiful town.



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A street filled with restaurants and little shops, that is the Naschmarkt. Stop here for a drink or lunch/dinner at one of the terraces. We had dinner at Neni Food where I ate a caramelized eggplant with rice.


Thanks so much to Vienna Tourist Board and Barts Accessories for making this trip possible. And of course big thanks to the best company ever: Nathalie and Valerie. And for the Dutchies, check out Nathalie’s vlog about Vienna: