All about The Ritual of Karma

Gabrielle Koster

According to ancient Hindu belief, living with good intent attracts good karma. Say good words, think good thoughts, do good deeds and keep the circle positive because ultimately, you reap what you sow. Well, I must’ve done something ritght then, because I was invited to celebrate the launch of this collection in Ibiza. Let me tell you all about it.


Located in one of my favorite parts of Ibiza was a beautiful hotel where a group of too-cool-for-school bloggers, actrices and journalists got together for a couple of days. To indulge in luxury and celebrate the launch of the Ritual of Karma-collection. There was amazing food, there were massages, there were explore sessions and there was a Pinterest-perfect party. It was all a dream, really.

The Ritual of Karma collection

The Ritual of Karma collection helps you immerse yourself in the positive vibes of summer all year round, with luxury fragrant products designed to instantly enhance your mood. Take good care of yourself, practice soulfulness and pay attention to the little things. In the end it will find its way back to you, by means of happiness. Be it for body, mind or soul.

The products from The Ritual of Karma-collection are enriched with organic white tea and holy lotus, the body care, the sun care (without oxybenzone!) and the home collection inspire you to practice good karma in all that you do.

My favorite product

Now in all those cool new products, what’s my favorite? The shimmering body oil, since it has that summer vibe and is packed in glass. I’m also a big fan of the water bottle with crystals, that stimulates the use of a bottle for water, instead of buying plastic bottles. Yay! 

Cruelty free

All of the Rituals products are cruelty free and on top of that, Rituals working on creating less waste by creating refill packages. They also give back, by supporting Tiny Miracles. Tiny Miracles has developed a holistic approach to enable the world’s poorest communities to break their own poverty cycle within 10 years, starting with the Pardeshi and Aarey communities in Mumbai, India. They don’t just talk about good karma, they’re creating it. 

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