Breathing App: what happens when Eddie Stern & Deepak Chopra launch an app

Gabrielle Koster

Our modern life can be quite stressful and we can be concerned with the every day stuff so much that we forget to tune in. With that in mind, famous yogi Eddie Stern (o.a. yoga teacher of Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Chris Martin) and New York Times bestseller Deepak Chopra decided to work together to create an easy tool which brings us calmness and peace of mind.

What they came up with? A free app called Breathing App. By using the app for just a few minutes a day, we send signals to our brains, which result in a state of balance, mental calmness and inner peace.


The Breathing App is inspired by resonance, the scientific term for the ‘phenomenon’ that occurs when cardiac rhythm, blood pressure and brain waves reach a coherent frequency. Resonant breathing occurs when we reduce our respiratory rate from 15-18 times to only six times a minute. This is the regular way of breathing for professional yogi’s and Buddhist monks during meditation. And this way of breathing decreases the symptoms we experience when we’re stressed.

You will understand that I couldn’t wait to try the app. It’s a super easy app that really allows you to focus on breathing for the amount of time you want and with the visual or sound (by Moby) you prefer.

You can download the Breathing App in the appstore.