Bucketlist experience: skydiving with Ecco

Gabrielle Koster

Skydiving with Lily, wearing Ecco Cool 2.0

This is what happened when I went skydiving for the first time!

Hello awesome bucketlist experience! Routines can be so darn comfortable. There can be times when I’m really happy with routines, because they make life a lot easier. But I am also a big fan of breaking those routines every now and then. Because breaking them can make me feel so alive! Traveling for two months, for example, really broke my every day routine. And it brought me so much. So when I was asked to go indoor skydiving to celebrate Ecco’s newest family member, the Cool 2.0, I didn’t hesitate one second. Of course I want to go skydiving and try that new shoe. It’s something I’ve never done before. And I love new experiences.

Ecco Cool 2.0

Together with bloggers Hashtag by Lily, Suzanne Brummel, Daphisticated, Wendy van Soest, Mariska from Mooi PR and two lovely ladies from Ecco, we visited City Skydive in Utrecht. The reason Ecco brought us here? They launched the new Ecco Cool 2.0 with a special technology that makes them increase breathability from all angles and keeps the air flowing around the foot. The Gore-Tex Surround layer keeps moisture out and keeps your skin dry. Perfect for every day life, but also worth a skydiving test, right? After walking on the sneakers, everyone agreed: it’s like walking on clouds. Really. They’re só comfy. And they go with any outfit, basically. Even a skydive suit! 😉

Wearing the Ecco Cool 2.0 sneakers.

Let’s go skydiving

After watching a short instruction video about the indoor skydiving we put on our suits, our protective glasses, our helmets, put in earplugs and enter the hallway of the wind tunnels with, of course, our Ecco Cool 2.0 sneakers on our feet. One by one, we each enjoy five times a minute of skydiving with the instructor inside the wind tunnel giving us tips.

It actually looks a lot harder than it is. You steer by moving your chin up and down and by moving your body. The minutes inside that wind tunnel feel a lot longer and it is So Much Fun. Everybody catches themselves smiling with their mouths open, which isn’t charming at all (because of the wind, you will start drooling as soon as you open your mouth) but we all can’t help to have a big smile on our faces. Good thing the shoes are waterproof ?.

Together with Suzanne, wearing the Ecco Cool 2.0 sneakers

This was definitely something that I will never forget. Proper Bucketlist material. And the shoes? They remained super comfy. No sweaty feet here! Want to know more about this clever sneaker? Check Ecco.com.

The skydiving crew: Lily, Suzanne, Daphne & Wendy

And of course, the sneakers go very well with basically any outfit. Do you like them?

Wearing the Ecco Cool 2.0 sneakers.