Cool things to do in Bangkok

Gabrielle Koster

“One night in Bangkok…” is not enough. This city is Huge with a capital H. Bangkok has a population over more than 8 million people. So if you really want to explore Bangkok, take your time. I spend four days in total in Bangkok and have the feeling like I’ve seen 10% of this city. Nevertheless I want to share my tips and tricks with you.

Transport in and around town
Let’s start with some usefull information. There are several areas like Sukhumvit, Silom, Siam, Riverside, Old Town and China Town. Khao San road is probably the most famous road and you’ll find plenty of hostels in this place. You can take a taxi to travel around, but you’ll be stuck in traffic a lot. There’s also the BTS (skytrain) which is easy accessible and quite cheap. Or you can go by TukTuk. Another option is to take one of the ferry’s along the Saen Saep Canal (“khlong” in Thai) river, which you can hop on for only 11 baht (not even 50 eurocents).

Staying in Bangkok
I only stayed in this city when I arrived and when I went home. When I arrived I stayed at the fabulous W Hotel, which was a complete treat. The bed, the bath, their breakfast, the restaurant at the W Hotel: it made sure my long flight was long forgotten. When I left, I stayed at Adelphi Suites at the popular Sukhumvit area. The rooftop pool, the comfy bed and the breakfast gave me just enough energy to had back on a long plane ride home. It really was a pleasant stay (see pictures below), the room is wide, has an awesome view over the city and the staff is super friendly.


image1 (14)

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On to the cool things to do!

Okay, so this was on my must-go list and, by accident, it was super close to the W Hotel. This place is unicorn paradise. Everything is pink and decorated with rainbows and glitter. After ordering a cotton candy drink and some rainbow pie, you can wear a unicorn onesie and have some tea from a dollhouse tea set. They have so many hilarious things on the menu like rainbow pasta, unicorn burgers and rainbow wraps. It’s really a magical place.

image1 (11)

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There is quite some vegan food to be found in Bangkok, just make sure ‘vegan’ really means vegan. I’ve listed my vegan food hotspots in an article here. Of course, when in Bangkok try some street food and try to pick a place where the locals eat.

There are a few markets in Bangkok and I tried the Chatuchak Market that only takes place in the weekends. There are sooooooo many stalls and there are soooo many things like jewellery, clothing, bags, crockery and more. You can also grab lunch here at one of the Thai Food market market restaurants.

The Co van Kessel biking tour!
This biking tour founded by a Dutch guy takes you to all the cool places in Bangkok, even places most tourists won’t come. Think of China Town, some beautiful temples and even a market (yes, you’ll drive óver the market on your bike!) You really see the beauty and diversity of the city. If you book the 5-hour tour, you also hop on a boat and have lunch with the group of people. I can definitely recommend doing this tour since you can really explore a big part of Bangkok. And because you’re on a bike! Book your tour via

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Again, I’ve only been in this city for a couple of days so I can only tell you about the things I’ve done. But I hope you like my tips! If you have any cool Bangkok tips, please let me know below!