Coolest weekend getaway: staying in a Tiny House

Gabrielle Koster

Forget the old ‘American Dream’ of two cars, a big house and a lót of stuff, nowadays it’s all about having less (living a minimalistic lifestyle) and living as tiny as you possibly can. In a Tiny House, for example. And even though I don’t think I have it in me to become a minimalist, the tiny houses have been very appealing to me for a while. So when I found out you can ’try living’ in one for a weekend (or more!), I definitely wanted to have a taste of one of those tiny houses.

I spent a weekend in the beautiful and laid back Maasduinen where Droomparken Maasduinen is located. They have eight tiny houses on their property, four on one piece of land and the other four nearby on another piece of land. There’s also a hot tub, a big fire place and each Tiny House has it’s little front garden with a heater.

Why choose a tiny house?

Now, why would you want to live in a tiny house?  It’s the true minimalistic lifestyle, so if that appeals to you, living tiny might be just what you want. It also produces less waste and pollution. On top of that, a Tiny House is usually located in nature, perfect for the escapist that has a 9-5 job in the busy city. It’s really all about being happier with less and reducing your ecological footprint.

What does a tiny house look like?

There are different forms and shapes of tiny homes. The one I spend a weekend in, can be seen on the pictures. On the inside there’s a small living room, a small kitchen and a table with two chairs, a small bathroom behind the kitchen – separated with a door. When you go upstairs, there’s two beds next to each other. And that’s it. The advantage of having such a tiny house: you spend way more time outdoors. Go hiking in the woods, sit with the fire, read a book outside, hop on your bike or…

…go E-Stepping!

Excuse me, what? E-Stepping, on an electric scooter step. It’s heaps of fun, isn’t bad for nature and can cost you as much energy as you would like. I did a two hour tour through the beautiful environment of Maasduinen, saw beautiful pieces of nature and was even greeted by a whole group of donkeys! So cute! You can rent the Kickbikes at Tiny House Droomparken.


Make sure to bring your bathing suit

Is there anything better than popping (vegan) marshmallows above the fire, and afterwards jumping into the hot tub with a glass of red wine (or tea)? Just make sure you bring your bathing suit. If you forget about it, just hop in in your pj’s. That works as well, in my experience!

A test drive, not for a car, but for a house

If you’re interested in living in a Tiny House, spending a week in one might be a very good experience. It’s an easy way to experience the pro’s and cons of living this tiny and you also see what things you really want to live with and the stuff you want to live without. A space for my clothes, for example, would be great. And a space to place your herbs or fruit (I always eat a lot of fruit) wouldn’t be a bad thing.

A sustainable way to have an adventure

If you live in The Netherlands, like I do, it’s a getaway without overburdening nature: you can take the train (and take your bike with you) – no airplane needed. Plus: the tiny houses are environmentally friendly. Just make sure you also do your bit by recycling, separating plastic and using little plastic.

Staying in a Tiny House

Droomparken has three places in The Netherlands with Tiny Homes: De Zanding, Bad Hoophuizen (both in the Veluwe) and Maasduinen (where I was).  You can also buy the homes at Droomparken. More information can be found on their website:

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