Cozy weekend getaway: staying in a Tiny House in the Veluwe

Gabrielle Koster

Remember last year, when I went away for a lovely weekend and stayed in a Tiny House? Well, I liked it so much, I decided to do it again. Last year, I visited Tiny Houses by Droomparken in Maasduinen, this time I tried their Tiny Houses in Bad Hoophuizen.


Droomparken Bad Hoophuizen is located in The Veluwe, The Netherlands, near the beautiful Veluwemeer. The Tiny Houses are therefor called Tiny Beach houses. The lake is on a walking distance and you can stop by at Windy Waters for some fun water activities like Stand Up Paddling or wind surfing.

Tiny Beach House

The beach houses have room for four, a living room, a shower and quite a big outdoors. Cool detail: the picknick table outside is made with a wind surf board! Also outside: a small fire place to cook your own food on. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside for hours and listen to birds. Is it raining, like it did a lot when I was there? Get cozy inside with the inside fire place and a movie or games.

The Veluwe

No need to always visit places far away, The Netherlands can be so beautiful as well. When the weather allowed it, I went for a long walk in the Veluwe, through the sandy fields filled with purple heather. It’s the perfect getaway for when you live in a big city.

Why choose a tiny house?

Now, why would you want to live in a tiny house?  It’s the true minimalistic lifestyle, so if that appeals to you, living tiny might be just what you want. It also produces less waste and pollution. On top of that, a Tiny House is usually located in nature, perfect for the escapist that has a 9-5 job in the busy city. It’s really all about being happier with less and reducing your ecological footprint.

Staying in a Tiny House

Droomparken has three places in The Netherlands with Tiny Homes: De Zanding, Bad Hoophuizen (where I was) and Maasduinen.  You can also buy the homes at Droomparken. More information can be found on their website: