Cutest babypresent ever: flower swaddle by Hyshil Sander

Gabrielle Koster

Giving presents: I love it. And not ’this looks cute, maybe you can use it?’-presents, but presents that are useful and last for years (= sustainable). I don’t know about you, but I’m at the age where everybody around me is getting pregnant. My favorite thing to give to expecting or new parents is a Swaddle.

A swaddle? You got that right. It’s basically a big blanket, that you can use to put your baby in or wrap around your body with your baby in it. My favorite of the moment? A swaddle designed by illustrator Hyshil Sander for Mooi Wat Bloemen Doen. It’s illustrated with the Gerbera flower, which symbolizes¬†innocence and purity. And isn’t it the cutest ever?

Never heard of a swaddle? Or no idea how to use it? No worries! I’ve made a tiny ‘How to Swaddle your baby’ tutorial – it’s super easy. You’re welcome!


Check out for more info.

This post is written in collaboration with Mooi Wat Bloemen Doen.