DreamSeaSurf – the coolest place in Nicaragua

Gabrielle Koster

Past February I spent one week with my brothers from other mothers and sisters from other misters. What I’m talking about? Home away from home, DreamSeaSurf Camp. I’ve already spent a week at DreamSeaSurf in Portugal, two years ago, together with Nathalie Kemna. So when I heard they opened a new surf retreat in Nicaragua, Nathalie and I were all ears!

The Retreat

Together with Nathalie and our boyfriends, we spent the first week of February at DreamSeaSurf. Let me tell you all about that week! DreamSeaSurf really is a dream and the vibe of this place is amazing. Everything is made with natural materials like bamboo and rattan, and the team totally build almost everything themselves. All the tropical plants everywhere definitely put the cherry on top, it’s impossible not to be amazed when you see this place for the first time.

This beautiful place has private cabins and dorms. I stayed in a wonderful private room that is decorated in a super cool bohemian way (I mean, can I live here please?). The bed is big and comfortable and there’s a lot of room for your stuff, a closet for your clothes and even space to store some food. You can wake-up and chill outside your cabin on the porch. Every room has a pretty private bathroom.

Every morning, there’s breakfast in the beautiful main area and after that, it’s time for surf class! Oh and, let’s not forget the Tiki Bar (dos Sangria por favor!) and the beautiful pool for a refreshing dip. And when you’re all tired of surfing and having fun, it’s time for a lovely local dinner.

Surf Class

Almost everyday, there’s a surf class at DreamSeaSurf taught by three local surf champions. For an hour, they’ll explain you all the tactics and let you practice your best surf pose on dry land. After that, you’ll go to the beach to practice what you’ve been taught. FUN! The famous beach Playa Maderas, where lots of surfers come to enjoy the waves, is where you’ll be surfing. At first, you start with the little white waves. And when you get the hang of it (which you will!), it’s time for the green waves.

Wearing Beachlife Swimwear


DreamSeaSurf is located near the popular San Jan del Sur and the famous beach Playa Maderas. San Juan Del Sur is known for it’s party scene, so if you like that, definitely check out Sunday Funday (a pub/pool crawl that already starts in the afternoon). The staff can get you a cab or they’ll drive you to the city yourself. Every Sunday, there’s a ride to Playa Hermosa, which is also a great beach to practice your freshly learned surf skills, to chill or to practice sunset yoga.

Yoga time!

Nothing better for a body and mind before and after surfing than yoga! Sign up for yoga class indoors or for a sunset session at the beach. Stretch your body and silence your mind while the sun kisses your face. Does it get any better?

Wearing B Active yoga wear

Wearing B Active yoga wear

The coolest place to stay!

Paradise, isn’t it? Told you it was the coolest place to stay! DreamSeaSurf really will forever be in your heart. It connects you with nature ánd your inner nature. That’s why you see people visiting all the locations (they’re located in Portugal, France, Spain, Bali, Costa Rica and Nicaragua). Every visitor and each member of the staff, they all become your temporary family and they’re hard to forget. It’s a magical place. Want to visit them? Check out DreamSeaSurfCamp.com.

A day with DreamSeaSurf Camp

When we were staying at DreamSea, the Canadian creative Jeremy Martin spend a day with us and shot this awesome video. It really reflects a typical surfing day with DreamSea. Check out the video he made below!

Here’s what I packed

Curious to know what I packed for a week of surfing, yoga and chilling? (PS: you can also get your laundry done here)

  • A black bathing suit by Hunkemöller, strapped on the back so it stayed in place during surfing. Hunkemöller makes great swimwear that stays in place, is comfortable and even a bit sexy. This suit has some cut outs on the side and is high waisted. The back is completely open, but the shoulder bands won’t fall down during any activity because they’re strapped on the back. Check out all the fun beachwear items at Hunkemöller.com.

  • 2 yoga outfits by B Active Wear, I also wore one in the plane ride to Nicaragua.
  • Two bikini’s, one by Beachlife and one by O’Neill.
  • Three bathing suits, one bikini and one surf suit (rash guard and bottoms) by Beachlife.
  • Two long dresses, for the evenings.
  • Two short dresses to wear in the day time.
  • Two skirts and a few tanktops.
  • A pair of shorts, might come in handy during surf class.
  • Two sunglasses (in case you lose one during surfing because you forgot you were still wearing it, like I did – oops!)
  • Two pairs of Havaianas, a fancy pair and a basic pair.
  • Organic, natural and vegan Sun Lotion and Face Cream by SMPL skin. This brand only uses 100% natural ingredients, is cruelty free, vegan and organic. The factor of the sun lotion is 30, which is pretty high for a natural sun lotion. It really protected my skin against harmful sun rays, made my skin baby soft and it smells great. On top of that, it’s super affordable. Check it out on smplskin.com.
  • Very little make-up, doesn’t stay on during surfing and well, your fresh made friends like the natural look.
  • A thin, but big scarf – for when it get’s colder, or to use as a head band (like I did in the pic above). Mine is from Barts.
  • Some vegan Eat Natural bars, in case I got hungry on the beach.
  • Ear plugs – February is part of the windy season and that can cause a lot of noise when you try to sleep.
  • A sleeping mask, waking up with the sunrise is the best, but just in case you want to sleep a little longer.
  • A small hairbrush, a bamboo toothbrush, natural toothpaste, an oil and shampoo.

Illustrations by Kayleigh Dil.

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