Factory visit: organic cotton & linen factories for Made.com

Gabrielle Koster

The European design brand Made.com introduces a new line with responsibly produced materials, designed to offer conscious consumers more choice in the fabrics they buy. I was invited by Made to take a look behind the scenes and see the production in the factories in Portugal, to show the craftsmanship behind the new lines and to provide insight into the new materials.

Visiting the factories in Portugal

Together with Danielle from Made and Stephanie from Lets Talk Slow, we visited Guimaraes, Portugal – a place known throughout Europe for the textile industry and a history steeped in expertise, quality and craftsmanship. The Portuguese textile range exudes the socially and ecologically responsible aspect in all their products. We went to visit several factories to see how the GOTS organic cotton is woven, spun, washed, dyed and ultimately made into bed linen, for example.

Why Portugal?

Portugal currently has one of the strongest textile industries in Europe and is known for impressive craftsmanship when it comes to home textiles. Northern Portugal has become the place to purchase expertly crafted textiles – particularly linen. There are several factories that specialize in specific production processes and materials, where local employees come from families with generations of expertise.

Many of the factories get their yarns from India, Egypt and Mozambique, where the government cooperates with cotton initiatives to support sustainable and responsible cotton growing. This allows the makers to buy yarns of the best quality and at the same time support communities where cotton is an important trading tool within their economy.

Made.com goes directly to the makers to ensure that intermediaries are disabled and that the highest standards for all designs are maintained. Craftsmanship and expertise are of great importance – making Northern Portugal a logical destination for Made to purchase most of their materials.

Organic Cotton and Repurposed Yarn

The following new materials will be found in the Made.com collection:

  • Organic cotton: bathrobes, towels and bed linen made with GOTS * certified organic cotton and woven on looms in Guimaraes. The range consists of Zana bedding, Enya bedspreads and pillows and Justina towels and bathrobes.
  • Repurposed yarn: surplus is reduced by using reclaimed and unused yarn. The yarns are spun together to create a soft material. This line will consist of Monroe bedding.
  • The range also includes natural, soft bedding with a mix of bamboo, viscose and linen.


In September MADE will publish the Sustainability Report, which will provide more details about current sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship and the vision for the future in terms of sustainability.