Flower Talk: it’s the month of the Orchid

Gabrielle Koster

Hello my fellow flower lovers! It is my duty as Flower Girl of 2018 to tell you all about this months flower, the Orchid. Also known as ’the perfect flower’. In the spotlight: the beautiful Vanda, Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium.


The orchid symbolizes pure friendship. If you give the orchid as a gift, do as the Brazilians and give a kiss for every flower. The orchid was the favorite flower of first lady Jackie Kennedy. Now that’s a stylish flower!


You never ask a lady her age, do you? Nobody can really tell how the old stylish orchids are, who are members of the second largest plant family in the world. What we do know is that many of the beautiful colors and shapes of the orchid originate in the tropical rainforests. Now, I like myself some tropical vibes!

The Cymbidium

Now you probably know that I’ve been in India in October and I spent some time in the Himalayas. And that’s exactly where the Cymbidium type of orchid is originated. The Cymbidium can be recognized by the long branch with red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green or two-tone flowers. Each flower has a hollow, arch-shaped lip that resembles a boat. ‘Kymbos’ is Greek for boat and that is where the name Cymbidium comes from.

Do you like Orchids?

This article was written in collaboration with Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl.