Flower talk: summer flowers!

Gabrielle Koster

Oh Summer! You are my favorite season. Sun is out, everybody is happy and relaxed, flowers are blooming… I can’t get enough.

I love to spend hours outdoors, at the beach, in parks and among flower fields. But I also like to add a bit of Summer in my home. Now bringing sand from the beach would make a big mess, but flowers brighten up every room. As Flower Girl of 2018 it is my duty to tell you more about the flowers of the season. The ultimate Summer flowers? Delphinium, Allium and Gladiolus.


The flower plumes of Delphinium stand out enthusiastically. They just look like sticks with bells that start to ring when you pass. The flower stands for attachment in love. The ultimate flower to say ‘I love you’.


You do not expect that a member of the onions family can grow into a spectacular flowering bulb of small flowers, now do you? That’s how surprising the ornamental Allium is. The stately thick stems with flowers in the most beautiful colors will let you enjoy these beauties for a long time. Only when you damage the stem do you realize that they come from the onion family. Why? You’ll smell it!

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One of my personal favorites: The Gladiolus, it stands out because the flowers bloom on both sides of the stem. A double indulgence! This hero likes to go up and show all his colors, from late spring to late fall. He likes to make a grand gesture in a vase.

This article was written in collaboration with Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl.