How to deal with the ongoing stream of incoming messages

Gabrielle Koster

Before I took a small November break abroad, I was overstimulated by all the messages I receive on a daily base. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, E-mail, text messages: it keeps on going. Don’t get me wrong: I’m thankful for keeping in contact with the people that I care about, for all the awesome e-mails I receive and for all the new beautiful souls I get to meet via platforms as Instagram! But sometimes I get overwhelmed by all those messages. So when I decided to take a small Whatsapp break for a week, I came home to 1.008  missed messages on Whatsapp only. Now tossing my phone in the corner and never looking at it again isn’t realistic. Just like deleting Whatsapp isn’t the solution for me. I asked you on Instagram: how do you deal with things like this?

How to deal with ongoing incoming stream of messages?

First of all, here’s what I did. I stopped the push notifications of Whatsapp and moved the app to the last page of my phone. That way, I only check Whatsapp when I feel like it. I also changed my mind set (well, I try to – as much as I can) and don’t feel obliged to answer anyone straight away. I take my time and when I feel like answering people, I answer them. Next to that, I block an hour in my agenda on Fridays to answer all the mails I haven’t had time for.

The tips you gave me

I asked you on Instagram how you all deal with that never ending stream of messages. Here are some of tips you gave me:

  • Letting people know you don’t answer them right away and only answer back when you have time
  • Turning off all the push notifications of every app
  • Reserve time blocks in your day for checking messages, for example from 11-12h and from 19-20h
  • Putting your phone in flight mode whenever you feel like it
  • Answering messages after finishing your morning routine, not opening your phone before that
  • Going offline and using an old phone without apps for a week straight to ‘detox’

I’m very grateful for everyone that shared their tips with me. The biggest challenge for me, is to not get ‘swallowed’ into the ‘juggling game’ and feeling the pressure to answer everyone as soon as possible.

If you haven’t shared your tip with me via Instagram yet, you can share it with me beneath this article. Thanks in advance!

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