Small adjustments that can improve the quality of your life

Gabrielle Koster

Health is not just about eating enough veggies and fruits. It’s also about mental health and happiness. Making small adjustments to your life can improve your life quality, which can definitely contribute to your overall happiness. Here are some ideas on how to improve the quality of your life.

Check your vitamin and mineral status

Have your blood tested to see how your overall vitamin and mineral status is. You can also keep track of what you eat with an app, like Cronometer for example, to see if you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals. I found out I need to take in a bit more selenium, iron and calcium, so I started with organic and natural supplements to boost it and now try to add more foods with those minerals. I also get my blood checked for vitamins like B12 and D. Vitamin or mineral deficiencies can cause lots of malfunctions in the body, which can make you sick or very tired. Keep your body healthy!

Make sure you sleep well

It’s a bit cliché, but still very important to sleep 7-8 hours a night. When you’re sleeping, your body ‘cleans’ itself – all the energy goes to your organs. Also important when it comes to sleep: to have a good mattress and a pillow. I personally sleep on a Simba mattress and use a Simba pillow. You’ve probably heard all about why a mattress is important (or learned the hard way by sleeping on a bad mattress), but having a good quality pillow is also important. I sleep on a hybrid pillow from Simba that has excellent temperature regulation and ventilation, so my skin and body stay cool. The pillow is filled with Nanotubes, each Nanotube adapts to your sleeping position and supports the complex structures of your head, neck and spine. If you sleep better, you feel better.

Work out

Get a OneFit subscription (use GabrielleKoster for a 25 euro discount on your first month), go to the gym or get an online workout subscription. Did you know that: being active increases the ‘good’ cholesterol HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and reduces unhealthy triglycerides. In addition, it would also help to prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes and arthritis. When you workout, your body releases all kinds of substances (such as dopamine and endorphins). Substances that make you even happier. In addition, these substances are a kind of natural painkillers. The cherry on top of the pie: working out is fun!

Gratitude journal

Score a cute note book or download an app to your phone to keep track of the daily things you’re grateful for. By writing down all the positive and happy things in your life, you’ll probably start feeling better.

Download an app to your computer that reminds you to move

Did you know sitting is being compared to smoking? If you work with a computer, there’s a big chance you’re sitting down most of the time. I downloaded the app Stretchly to my computer (there’s more apps like this, like Time Out for example). It tells me to move, to think of things I’m grateful for and to focus my eyes on other things than my computer screen.