In the spotlight: sustainable webshop The Blind Spot

Gabrielle Koster

Hurray for sustainable fashion, it’s something you will hear me say a LOT. I’m a big fan of sustainable fashion. Why? You can read all about that here. So my fashion hearts makes little happy jumps whenever there’s a (for me) new sustainable brand or shop. This time in the spotlight:


What I love about The Blind Spot is that you don’t just find the regular sustainable brands here, but brands you might not have heard about yet. Like Thought Clothing, of which I’m wearing the super cute jumpsuit. No worries, they also sell the famous Veja sneakers, beautiful People Tree items and much more.


The Blind Spot works with three values:

– Inspiring
They like to inspire and be inspired by others. They look at the world with a positive eye and want to make the world a little better.

– Fashionable
The clothing that you buy from The Blind Spot is not only sustainable, but also fashionable. They understand that you want to look nice and wear cute items.

– Innovative
In addition to the better-known sustainable clothing brands, they want to offer new or small sustainable clothing brands. Within their collections you will encounter innovative and refreshing clothing brands with unique sustainable items.

My experience

Like I said, I’m wearing a jumpsuit from Thought Clothing via The Blind Spot. It’s super soft, because it’s made from 63% modal and 36% viscose. The trouser legs are a bit longer, but I made it shorter to fit with my ankle boots. I can combine it with a big vest or sweater in winter and in spring it’s the perfect easy but fancy outfit.

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