In the spotlight: sustainable webshop

Gabrielle Koster

Hurray for sustainable fashion, it’s something you will hear me say a LOT. I’m a big fan of sustainable fashion. Why? You can read all about that here. So my fashion hearts makes little happy jumps whenever there’s a new sustainable brand or shop. Not super new, but very awesome: let me introduce you to A webshop filled with – you guessed right – green fashion labels.

Wearing a sustainable Kings of Indigo sweater from


Do you love brands like ArmedAngels and Kings of Indigo? Me too! And so do Here you can find a big selection of clothing from brands like the two mentioned above, but also from Friday’s Project, KowTow, Lemon Spicy, Neinties and Veja.

Values works with four labels:

  • Vegan: No animals harmed or used for the making of the garments matching with this value.
  • Local: Labels that produce locally help support local communities and maintain local economic & social wealth.
  • Clean processes: Think organic natural materials and sustainable fibers, less or no harmful chemicals, low consumption of water, clean energy, sustainable logistics.
  • Waste reduction: Labels part of this value are using deadstock fabrics, or post-consumer waste to produce their garment.

Packaging & delivery

Do you hate it as well, when you receive a package filled with plastic? Then you’ll love They are using a packaging made out of 90% recycled cardboard ánd send out their packaging mostly by bike transport, called The Fietskoerier. How brilliant is that?

You might understand: I’m a big fan! Are you as well? If you are, you can use the code GabriellelovesTGL for a 15% discount on the entire collection. Happy (sustainable) shopping!