How to use the ivy plant to do eco friendly laundry

Gabrielle Koster

To me, plants are magical. Not only they produce oxygen, they’re very much alive and reproduce in a genius way. And did you know plants actually can communicate in nature? I’m not being woolly nor have I watched Avatar too often. Plants actually communicate through a web of fungus, trying to help each other survive. You can read more about that on the website of BBC Earth. Told you they’re magical? Just like the ivy plant is magical in its very own way.

Let the ivy do your laundry

But did you know that a certain type of plant, the ivy, can be used to do laundry? The best thing about that: no harmful chemicals and plastic bottles needed. It’s a complete eco friendly way of washing your clothes!

How it works? 

Step 1: Collect a handful of mature and vigorously green ivy leaves from the ivy plant.
Step 2: Shred the leaves.
Step 3: Put them in a sock or laundry net.
Step 4: Put the sock or the washing net in the washing machine with the dirty clothes.
Step 5: Add some natural vinegar for an even better result.

Tadaaaa, clean laundry without bad chemicals ending up on your clothes or in the water.

The ivy plant

It’s really an amazing plant, the ivy. Did you know that the ivy blossoms throughout all the seasons? That’s why it symbolizes eternal life. Isn’t that cool? Fun fact: tares don’t stand a chance near the ivy, it really is a strong self defending plant.

Also: the leaves of the ivy can also be used when you get stung by a mosquito. Simply rub a leave on the spot you got stung and it will relieve the itch. Quite a special plant, don’t you think?

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