Review of JouwBox – Ralph Moorman Favourites

Gabrielle Koster

If you know me a bit, you know I get excited from new sorts of healthy stuff. So when I saw Ralph Moorman, the king of hormonal knowledge, launched a JouwBox (a box filled with his favorite products), I was super enthusiastic. I couldn’t wait for the box to fall onto my doormat, because I was so curious. Are you just as curious? Here’s my review of the JouwBox – Ralph Moorman Favourites.

About Ralph Moorman

But first, who is Ralph Moorman? He is a nutritionist, specialized in hormones. He developed a thing called the Hormone factor program which is mainly about nutrition, training and stress. The idea of this box is that it really completes a healthy lifestyle. That’s why there are products you use for your skin, hair, teeth and gums. You can also use these products against
unwanted substances that go into and on your body,your that damage hormonal balance or cause unnecessary complaints and irritation. There’s so much marketing nowadays, that sometimes it’s hard to tell which products are really good for you. I can be very picky with the products I use, because I want the ingredients to be just right. But I trust Ralph Moorman and his expertise enough to know that in this box are products that completely meet his strict requirements and criteria.

All products are selected by Ralph Moorman have to meet the 5 essential pillars:

  • Nutrition
  • Mouth
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Supplementation

The products

So, what’s in the box? All products are natural and have a total retail value from € 125. Here’s a list of what can be found in the JouwBox:

  • Traay Lip Balm
  • WeLoveThePlanet Deodorant
  • LoveChock raw chocolate bar
  • Sportbay Home elastic for legs and buttocks training
  • Hymalaya Magnessium (magnesium spray for the skin – the only one with the ECOCERT quality mark in Europe)
  • Oolaboo Natural toothpaste
  • Rosalphina Natural shampoo from the Alps
  • Erica Herbal styling paste (with the COSMOS NATURAL quality mark)
  • Chi Spirulina (190 tablets)
  • Mudmasky (Natural green face mask)
  • Witch Hazel toner (that used to be already used by Indians, by Natural Heroes)
  • Golden Milk mix (from Chikko)

My favorite products?

I’m already a big fan of WeLoveThePlanet deodorant, which can be seen on the picture below (the aluminum box on the left). It’s a not-too-big tin that can easily go in my bag and the smell is great.

I had never heard of Witch Hazel before, but apparently Indians have been using it for centuries. It’s supposed to strengthen the skin and by the astringent effect you refine the pores, giving blackheads and pimples less chance. The Witch Hazel helps in getting a nice, even skin. I couldn’t wait to try it and my skin was só soft after using it.

I don’t go anywhere without a natural lipbalm, and this all natural cutie from Traay is my new favorite. So soft and it smells great!

Magnesium Spray

Did you know that a lot of people have a magnesium deficiency? This 100% natural magnesium spray from Himalaya can be used on your skin, which absorbs all the magnesium. Use it with exertion, fatigue, headache, menstruation problems, depression, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain and more.

Raw chocolate

Talking about magnesium, I’m probably one of the biggest chocolate monsters out there. But I prefer good, dark chocolate. Preferrably raw, like this one from LoveChock. Oh and every bar has a cute quote on the inside, which I love. Sorry, I already took a bite before I took a picture. Couldn’t help myself. Woopsies!

Golden Milk

The only drinks I love are tea, water ánd Golden Milk. Golden what? Golden milk. It’s a herbal drink that’s used in Ayurveda. The most important ingredient? Turmeric, with it’s anti inflammatory benefits. Just add some hot water and/or hot plant based milk and you’re good to go. So tasty and so healthy!


Just by being a human living in the Western world, you take in lots of heavy metals. Spirulina helps with the detoxifying process. On top of that, it contains more than 50 vital nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, enzymes and complete proteins.

But there’s so much more to be found in the box and I love every single product!

Order the JouwBox – Ralph Moorman Favorites for only € 39 at PS: it’s almost Mothersday, just saying.