My 5 favorite chapters from the Bedrock book

Gabrielle Koster

‘For all the realistic idealists that are looking for sustainable happiness’ is what the cover of the Bedrock Book reads. Well, they have my attention. The Bedrock Book by beautiful and inspiring women Nina Pierson and Josephine Kay is a ‘practical guide’ about love, career, psyche, sustainability, spirituality, body, friendship, society and family. Subject I love to read about. So I did. In a weekend when temperatures suddenly increased to above 20 degrees Celsius. And I felt so blessed, with that book on my lap, that cup of tea in my hand, the sunshine on my face and my phone somewhere I couldn’t remember.

The feeling I had after reading all those mini stories? ‘More people need to read this!’. So I will share with you my favorite 5 chapters from this inspiring book.

More Self-Love, embrace your inner child

It’s so incredibly easy to be so hard on yourself. At least, that’s what I experience. And that’s what I see others do. We are so kind to others and give them so much space, but when it comes to ourselves, we use that though love approach: suck it up, stop whining and don’t be so stupid. In this chapter, Nina and editor Tanja Terstappen talk about self love. The example I loved: imagine yourself as a child. It comes to you and tells you it’s sad, insecure or afraid to not be good enough. Do you send that little child away, tell it to suck it up? Or do you embrace the child, listen to it and use loving words? Food for thought.

Now is the only moment you have, the importance of living in the now

This piece by Josephine starts with a powerful quote by Mary Schmich: ‘Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still dont.’ Very often, we feel like we’re not good enough and the lives we live aren’t good enough. All of that has to do with not being in the now. A small reminder that your life is happening right now.

Death is our biggest teacher – why we should think about death more often

In this article, Nina tells about the death of her father and how that has taught her so much. She asks you: what if a doctor told you you only had one week or month to live… What would you do? My answer? Spend my last days in an earthly paradise (preferably somewhere I haven’t been before) with the people I love so much. Cuddle them, talk to them, wake up with them… The simple things. Thinking of that made me feel even more grateful for my loved ones and for all the adventures I’ve had. And I love it when an article does that.

Fearful, loving choices – Do you choose from love or fear?

Making a certain choice comes with consequences. So if you make your choice based upon love, the outcome will be different than when you choose from fear. If you choose from fear, you think about all the things that can go wrong or the pain you might be having. While if you choose from love, you think in possibilities and chances. Two relatively easy choices (as long as you’re conscious of you making them), which one do you choose?

I have too much sh*t! The consumption monster and what we can do about it

Now here’s a thing I personally find hard: living with less. And it feels quite good to hear that Nina, author of this piece, has the same problem. My love for things (a new dress or book, for example) can make me feel so guilty, because I feel I shouldn’t love ’things’. In this piece Nina finds out why we have a craving for stuff and how we can cure this craving. Interesting read!


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