My 5 favorite work outs for a tighter butt

Gabrielle Koster

As you probably know, I like to take care of my body! Via nutrition and meditation, but also by working out. Here are my 5 favorite work outs for a better bum. You’re welcome ;).

    Ever heard of Stand Up Paddle Yoga? It’s yoga on a type of surfboard. This board is a lot bigger than a regular surfboard which makes it super easy to keep your balance. Because of the Stand Up Paddling, you’re engaging your legs, bum, abdominals and arms! Add the yoga and the work out is complete. I love doing this, also because it’s outside in nature.
  2. Barre (+Booty)
    One of my favorite yoga schools in Amsterdam is Studio 191, they have that New York-ish vibe and do a lot more than just teaching types of yoga-related sports. One of my favorite workouts here is the Barre class and you can even follow Barre + Booty class, which focuses on, you guessed right, tha booty. Extra awesome: they usually play music by Beyoncé, Justin Bieber etc.

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    Wearing a sports outfit by Hunkemöller.


  3. Boxing
    Did you know, boxing is very good for your Kapha Ayurvedic constitution? And not just that, because of the warming up and the different muscles you use during boxing, you really train your legs and butt.image4
  4. Surf yoga
    Another one of my favorites at Studio 191: Surf Yoga. It’s basically yoga on an Indo board. The wobbling makes you engage your core and butt even more. And it’s really, really fun!


    Wearing a yoga pants by LaDress


  5. HIIT class
    High Intensity Interval Training usually consists of different little exercises that you do for a couple of minutes. So you start, for example, with jumping jacks for 3 minutes and after that, move on to squats for a couple of minutes. You really train your entire body, so also that bum! It’s super intensive, but super effective.

PS: all of these sports are available in The Netherlands through OneFit. It’s a subscription that allows you to do different types of sports within one subscription. If you use the code GABRIELLEKOSTER you get a 25 euro(!) discount on your first month.