My stay at Adelphi Suites in Bangkok, Thailand

Gabrielle Koster

I’m super grateful for planes: they take me everywhere I want to go. But let’s be honest: spending more than 12 hours sitting and trying to sleep in a plane can get uncomfortable. So it can be very nice to arrive at your destination in the most comfortable way possible. So that’s exactly what I did. When I went to Southeast Asia for two months, I started and ended my trip with a stay at Adelphi Suites Bangkok in the popular Sukhumvit Area.

Where most beds in Thailand seem to made of bricks, the beds at this hotel are super comfy. And when it’s blazing hot outside (which can be the case quite often in Bangkok), you can turn on the air conditioning or take a refreshing dip in the rooftop-pool. Yep, you read that right: the rooftop-pool.

image1 (13)

Back to the room. Next to a super comfy bed, the view from the window is pretty awesome, the bathroom has a nice shower and big mirror. There’s even a small kitchen in which you can cook and make tea (or instant noodles. When in Bangkok right?).


Waking up in the busy – but not too busy – Sukhumvit neighborhood, looking out over all of Bangkok: how cool is that? The breakfast buffet in the restaurant downstairs is very good and there’s a lot of diversity. You can go for an all fruit type of breakfast or dig in some potatoes and fresh vegetables.

I loved my stay at Adelphi Suites Bangkok. The way we were welcomed was very warm ad friendly and the staff immediately took my backpack to the room. It’s located nearby the BTS sky train that will take you everywhere or you can have the hotel call a taxi for you. Thanks Adelphi, for our great stay!

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