One Day Retreats – Essential Oils edition

Gabrielle Koster

If you love yoga, some me time, being spoiled and being away from your daily life, then you certainly would love a yoga retreat. But not everyone has enough money or time for a two-week retreat somewhere in Bali or Mexico. That’s why Lisanne founded One Day Retreats, retreats that only last a day and are not to far from Amsterdam.

One Day Retreats

A One Day Retreat takes place on a day in the weekend, organized somewhere in The Netherlands – not too far from Amsterdam. There are different editions, all focused on body & mind work. I attended the Essential Oils edition. But in the past year, there were also the Being Mindful and Pure Connection editions, for example.

One Day Treat yourself with Essential oils

This edition takes place in the beautiful Vinkeveense Plassen. The day starts with a 2,5 hour yoga class where yoga teacher Sophie Schäfgen starts using the Essential Oils. We massage our feet with an oil, we breathe in another oil and get a bit of oil on our skin rubbed when in a certain pose. The Essential oils are made from pure plants extract and have the power to bring you back into balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you feel insecure, lost or overwhelmed, these powerful oils can boost your self-confidence and have you reconnect with your intuition. Inhaling a certain smell can give mental focus, reduce stress, give energy or calm down so you can relax and de-stress. Sophie tells us all about the oils and which benefits every oil has. When I open my eyes after Savasana (the last, most relaxing pose), I feel reborn and so calm.

After that, it’s time for lunch! A delicious pumpkin soup and bread (or sweet potato slices) with homemade toppings like hummus with Ras el Hanout or cashew cream with seaweed. Just as delish as it sounds.

DIY Skin Care Workshop

After that, it’s time for the DIY skin care workshop, hosted by Sophie as well. We start by making our own scrub from coffee, coconut oil Wild Orange & Peppermint Essential Oil to clean our faces. Up next is a toner, made from chamomile tea and Lavender Essential Oil. Then it’s time for the natural face mask, made from green clay and Malaleuce Essential Oil. And while the mask is doing it’s magic, we all find our way back to our yogamat for a short meditation and a mini massage with cooling cream on our shoulders and in our neck. After we rinse our faces it’s time for the serum, made from jojoba oil, Frankinsense Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil. When I look at the other participants, I see bright and glowing faces. Sophie asks us to look at ourselves in the mirror with love and be thankful for the lines or wrinkles we might have, since they’re signs of happy times.

We finish the day with some last information about the oils and have the chance to ask Sophie all about the medicinal effect of the oils. At 18 h we leave the beautiful wooden house, back to the busy city. We feel super relaxed, recharged and grateful.

The ideal short escape to reconnect with yourself

If you’re looking for some time to reconnect with yourself without having to spend a lot of money or to travel far, One Day Retreats is the ideal escape. It also makes the perfect gift for your mother, sister, best friend or yourself. There are new retreats in 2018, you can follow them on Facebook to stay informed about upcoming retreats. Or check out the website: