One of the best ways to detox your body

Gabrielle Koster

Did you know this is one of the best tools to keep your body clean and healthy?

Dear world, meet the uterus. A beautiful piece of magic with a reproductive function. To keep this reproductive function intact, it ‘bleeds’ every month. The bleeding we call the menstrual cycle and is the regular natural change that occurs in the female reproductive system. This process makes pregnancy possible ánd is actually a natural detox. Toxins that are stored in the blood and liver have a chance to be flushed out when a woman has her period. How cool is that?


A lot of young girls are being taught that a period is something to be ashamed of. If a tampon falls out of your bag while getting your keys, then you better be ashamed. And you better store your tampons and pads somewhere out of sight, because it’s not attractive at all if someone comes over and sees those horrifying things… At least, that’s what magazines used to tell me when I was young. Your period was something you just didn’t talk about, especially not to men. Newsflash: if the mothers of these men didn’t have a period, these men wouldn’t be here. Besides: it’s such a natural process! Time to get rid of the period taboo.

I am a woman and I have a menstrual cycle. And even though that sometimes isn’t the easiest or the most comfortable thing, I am proud to have a period. Period.

So let’s talk about periods. Even though I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS (an ovary condition, which can become much better with the help of good and healthy food and acupuncture is my experience) I still have a monthly or a-bit-over-monthly period. I’ve been using pads and tampons by Yoni for a long time (#nospon) because they don’t use bleach or other chemicals in their products (yes, other producers do). And I’m very happy with these products. Then someone told me about a menstrual cup. It’s much better for the environment than using pads and tampons and costs a lot less.

What ís a menstrual cup?
So I tried one from OrganiCup and it’s a small cup made from soft, allergy- friendly silicone that you insert down there. The cup will catch all the blood and every now and then you get it out and clean it. OrganiCup promises: ‘No, it won’t fall out (not even if you do a triple somersault). Due to the vacuum, the menstrual blood won’t come into contact with air = no odor issues, ultra hygienic and antibacterial.’

‘OrganiCup can contain 3 times more than pads and tampons, which means most people just need to empty it morning and evening = no interruptions during the day. Or night. And did you know that about ¼ of the fluids absorbed by a tampon are natural and necessary vaginal secretions? OrganiCup only collects, thus eliminating irritation and dryness while ensuring the natural pH-balance is kept intact.’ It also lasts years and only costs €24. Sounds interesting, right? You have to practice a bit before you get your real period, so that’s what I will be doing.


Curious? I will give away three OrganiCups! The only thing you have to do? Respond beneath this article or on my Instagrampost and you’ll get a chance of winning one of those cups! I will get in contact with those that have won an OrganiCup. (The giveaway ended on June 22nd 2017).