Press trip to Antwerp with Kipling

Gabrielle Koster

A trip to Antwerp with a big group bloggers from all around Europe? How could I say no? Kipling invited me for a Antwerp trip for the release of their new Fall/Winter 2018-collection.

Good to know: Kipling and the mother company of Kipling (VFC) are implementing a new sustainable strategy. If you like to know more about that exact strategy (concerning worker well-being, climate advocacy, carbon reduction, sustainable materials and much more), check out their website here.

Tour du Anvers

We started our day with a tour through Antwerp. We saw the beautiful Central Station (which is voted ‘most beautiful station of the World’ by Mashable), the famous MAS museum, stopped at The Groenplaats, the Kipling store (of course!) and the Palace on the Meir. I’ve been to Antwerp many times but didn’t know there is a chocolatery where you can actually snort cacao powder?

After a quick change of outfits in the hotel, it was time for the actual launch of the new Kipling-collection. We were welcomed by bubble machines, special looking drinks served by only hands (you had to be there) and dancers dressed up like monkeys (typical Kipling).

The new collection was presented with the Monkey-dancers and in different types of settings. There were five new collections:  Art of Exploring, Art of Busy, Art of Be Seen, Art of Gifting and Art of Style. There was food, music, home made cocktails and very well dressed people from all around Europe.

1. Nathalie Kemna and me – 2. together with Nathalie Kemna, Karien Anne and Janne from Radiate Fashion

Want to know more about the collections? Here it comes!

Old School Revival

90’s brand revival forms the basis of the design inspiration for Fall Winter 18 drawing reference to old school streetwear brands from a defining fashion era. Graphic logos and oversized branding add pre-millennial nostalgia to heritage shapes sourced from the Kipling archives. The season also references Kipling’s beginnings in 1987, embodying a young, carefree aesthetic revived in the ‘New Classics’ collection. Backpack styles delivered in bold primary colours compliment lightweight duffle bags in pastel variations, the perfect partner for the ‘Art of Exploring.’

Fashion and Function

Alongside the ‘New Classics,’ Kipling’s signature style, the ART M, has been reworked and updated. Taking inspiration from oversized shopper totes to deliver hidden depths of functionality. A bright injection of colour on the interior allows belongings to be found at ease with three individual pockets promoting ‘The Art of Busy’. A bag for the active working woman is born. Technology needs are fulfilled with a laptop and iPad sleeve, a mobile phone holder and two extra pouches for cables. Everyday necessities have been considered and delivered with three elasticated pockets for multiple uses, penholders, a water bottle holder, umbrella pocket and removable pouches. Black and taupe form the basis of the colour journey which are elevated from your usual everyday bag by the use of metallic.

Time to Shimmer and Shine

As the season reaches its crescendo, ‘The Art of Gifting’ delivers something special with a nod to the festive period. Sparkle and silver excites festivities with shimmer and shine. Metallic pouches provide gifting options in blush pinks while larger bags in glossy blacks are the perfect companion for holiday season vacations. Fun fluffy keyrings keep accessories playful whilst maintaining a level of sophistication with modern retro geo prints.

Thanks so much to Kipling and UPR for having me.