Review: Ralph Moorman Jouwbox edition 2

Gabrielle Koster

If you know me a bit, you know I get excited from new sorts of healthy stuff. So when I saw Ralph Moorman, the king of hormonal knowledge, launched a JouwBox (a box filled with his favorite products) for the second time, I couldn’t wait. Edition one was great (my review can be read here), so what would edition two bring? Here’s my review of the JouwBox – Ralph Moorman Favourites, edition 2.

So what’s in this box?

Coolbeans: Ralph Moorman, king of hormones, did an unboxing video with the second edition of his Jouwbox so you can see all the products that are inside. Here it is!

My favorites?

  • Royal Green Coconut Oil: I use a lot of coconut oil when I make food. And even to put it on my skin. This one from Royal Green is 100% organic and cold pressed. Love!
  • Jackfruit baby! From Upton. When I was in Vietnam, this fruit was everywhere and they used for a lot of things, from ‘fake meat’ to chips. It’s so delicious.
  • Squalan moisturizer travel size. You know I’m a big fan of Squalan, so this little baby goes straight into my purse.
  • Bite & Smile organic sweets: 100% organic and very yummy.

Extra fun: as a Jouwbox member you also receive a € 50 voucher (which is a discount) for  a special energetic facial treatment of about 90 minutes at Piroche Cosmetiques (you still have to pay around € 40). From Freezlab you receive a voucher for € 32 or free 3 minutes in a whole body cryo cabin at min 110 ̊C.

Order the JouwBox – Ralph Moorman Favorites for only € 39 at