Such an honor: I’m flower girl of 2018

Gabrielle Koster

Flowers: I love them. So much, that my wardrobe is filled with flower dresses, the pillows on my couch have a Hibiscus-flower print and so does my phone case. My home is filled with plants and flowers and I love to visit tropical places with wild flowers and plants. So when I received an email, saying I was chosen to be Flower Girl of 2018 by Mooi Wat Bloemen Doen, I felt só honored!

The other Flower Girls of 2018? Sanny from Sannyzoektgeluk, Annemarie from Enfait, Seline from SelineSteba, Karien from KarienAnne, Zoë from Professional Wildchild, Florine from FlorineDuif and Lotte from Roomed.

The official inauguration

I was invited to our official inauguration by a beautiful sealed invitation. The inauguration took place in the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam, in a beautiful authentic chamber.

The Lily

During the official inauguration, every Flower Girl got a flower assigned. The flower they assigned to me? The Lily. I was crowned with a crown made of lilies. Did you know: Lilies symbolize femininity, love, purity and impermanence. Plus, they can be found all over the world. I absolutely love that this will be ‘my’ flower coming year!

Ceremonial Portrait

After the High Tea and the official inauguration, there was the making of our official portraits. A little touch up in the form of lipstick in the same color as my lilies, a ribbon around my body and a serious look on my face: ready for my headshot!

The Official Portrait

Are you ready? This is the result of my official portrait!

Keep an eye on my blog, because this year I will by blogging about flowers (and even of their benefits for the environment, for example). Thanks so much to Mooi Wat Bloemen Doen for the honor!

Event pictures by Rebekka Mell.