Tested: a massage for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Gabrielle Koster

Ever heard of massages especially for people with HSP? I didn’t, but I was very curious. Here’s what I thought of it.

I’m a firm believer in the power of a good massage. A massage enhances blood circulation which makes it easier for your muscles and organs to get rid of toxics, there’s a big chance your cortisol hormone will decrease and you will feel relaxed and it can improve your immune system and resistance (because a massage can increase the white blood cells in your body). So every now and then, I book a massage, preferably together with a friend to make it a special relaxing occasion. When I was looking for a nice place for a massage via the Top Rated salons page on Treatwell, my eye fell on a parlor that provided a massage called a HSP massage, especially for High Sensitive People.

High Sensitive Person

Both my best friend Nathalie and are familiar with the term HSP, which stands for High Sensitive Person. It means for example you’re very sensitive for noises, light, groups of people, stress, impressions and are easily over stimulated. I personally don’t really like to use the term, but I’m glad the term exists, so there’s more understanding for people that are highly sensitive.

A HSP massage

I book the HSP massage at Lichter Leven in Amsterdam via Treatwell  for Nathalie and myself. The lady that will massage us, Kim Chow, greets us with a cup of herbal tea and asks us some questions about sensitivities and difficult things we encounter in daily life. After that, it’s time for the massage.

Why book a HSP massage?

The HSP massage is like a typical massage, but the masseuse works intuitively. She treats different meridians and chakra’s and calms down the nerve system that is usually over stimulated. The adrenal glands are tempered so your stress hormone will decrease. The massage also stimulates earthing, which is also important for highly sensitive people.

My experience

The massage Kim gives me is very gentle and soft. I have the impression she first ‘feels’ where my body needs the attention the most. Within a few minutes, my body enters a really relaxing state. She massages my entire body, including my head. After a few more minutes, I feel all the stress leaving my body and I enter a state of being half awake, half asleep. When the massage is over, I feel a little floaty but so relaxed. This was really, really nice.

Other Top Rated treatments

There are 486 salons in The Netherlands with a top rating (meaning they get really good reviews). I found Lichter Leven in this list, but there are so many great treatment salons (from hairdressers tot massage parlors) to be found. Curious to what treatments you can book in your neighborhood? Check out Treatwell.nl.