The benefits of mineral make-up

Gabrielle Koster

In Australia, they know what’s up. More and more sustainable fashion brands are arising and a lot of the natural cosmetic brands originate in Australia. Thankfully, these brands are more and more available world wide just like other international natural cosmetics brands. You already know that I’m a big fan of natural cosmetics, but this time I would like to tell you more about mineral make-up – in specific from Inika, an Australian brand.

Here’s what ingredients in cosmetics can be trusted and which should be avoided >

The benefits op mineral make-up

Mineral make-up is made up of minerals such as iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are ground and milled or broken into very tiny particles to create the make-up. Bad chemicals like parabens and fragrances aren’t used in mineral make-up. Usually, mineral make-up comes in powder form, but there are also fluid foundations. To me, it covers as much as foundation does, but it’s a lot less heavy on your skin (aka it looks super natural) and if you get the natural mineral powder, it’s not bad for your skin at all. Did you know some dermatologists recommend this kind of make-up because it’s free of chemicals and additives which can cause skin irritation.

Inika mineral make-up and foundation

I recently found a new vegan, cruelty free and natural make-up brand on Bewust Puur, a big online store with all sorts of natural products. They sell products by Inika which are 100% natural and meet the highest organic standards possible, and are Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free, always. I scored the Beauty on the Go-set with three products: certified organic pure primer, certified organic liquid foundation and loose mineral foundation with SPF 25. Also included in this set: a vegan kabuki brush with bamboo handle.

Bewust Puur

Looking for natural products? Bewust Puur is a big webshop with lots of amazing natural and organic beauty products and supplements, like the products of Inika, but also Green People (good mascara’s!), Mad Hippie skincare and Rahua shampoo.