The top-5 things to do in Tenerife

Gabrielle Koster

If you live in Europe and you’re desperately wanting to escape winter, the Canarian Island are the best thing. I visited Tenerife in November and that was a brilliant decision. I didn’t expect much from the island, but fell in love with it’s beauty and weather. Here are my top-5 things to do.

PS: I stayed in the North part, the South part is a lot more crowded and a bit less pretty.

  1. Visit El Teide, the 3rd highest Vulcano on earth compared to sea level

    Fact: the three highest vulcano’s on earth compared to sea level are Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea and El Teide. The first two can be found on Hawai’i and the third on Tenerife. You can buy a ticket and go up with a lift, or you can hike up, stay the night and watch the sunrise. You do need a permit if you want to hike up (not for getting up with the lift), so make you sure you get one in time, they only give out a few a year. More information about the permit can be found here. Oh and dress for the occasion. It’s really cold up there.

  2. Visit the beautiful beaches or go kayaking with dolphins

    There are sooooo many beautiful beaches around the island. Most of them are with black sand. My favorite beaches? Playa Bollulo, Playa Jardín, Charco de la Laja, Charco del Viento and Los Gigantes.

    Also lots of fun, near Los Cristianos you can go kayaking and snorkeling. You will probably see the turtles in the water and during kayaking, you’re surrounded with dolphins. If you like to see the animals, please choose kayaking over a tour boat since the tour boats really disturb the animals (some even feed them, even though that’s not allowed because the food can be infected and may kill the dolphins). Kayaking is a lot of fun and the best way to enjoy the animals without harming them.

  3. Indulge in the food

    I loooove the local potato-obsession. Patatas everywhere, fabulous. But there’s so much more than tapas on the menu in Tenerife. My favorite vegan places to eat?

    Sweet Paradise, Santa Cruz
    The best vegan burgers and nachos ever. Oh and there’s pie’s. Big pie’s.
    Burger Mel, Santa Cruz
    For vegan fast food and tapas. There are a few locations.
    El Limon, Puerto de la Cruz
    The cutest place in Puerto de la Cruz with delicious healthy juices and meals.
    K-Vegan, Los Cristianos
    Hidden in an indoor food market, inside a shopping mall (top floor) you can find K-Vegan. A little stall with freshly made vegan food. In that same food market you can find for example curry stalls that have vegan meals as well.
    Tapaste, San Cristobal de la Laguna
    This restaurant only opens for lunch and is very popular. The food is really, really good. You can choose a 3-course lunch with dessert for a very affordable price and everything tasted really good.

  4. Go hiking or visit a view point

    There are so many beautiful tracks to hike. If you don’t like to walk, hop in your rental car (really, get a car anyway) and go for a road trip with stops at the view points. Mirador de Aguaide is beautiful, just like Mirador Altos de Baracán.

  5. See the cute cities

    Santa Cruz, La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Gigantes, Los Cristianos: there are tons of pretty cities usually near a coast. Go shopping, have some sangria in the sun or stroll around the streets.

    Have you been to Tenerife or do you have some great tips? Let me know in the comments!