Things the locals do during Summer in Barcelona

Gabrielle Koster

Hola Barcelona! I’m very much in love with this city since it has everything I would want a big city to have ánd it’s very near the beach. Here are my favorite things to do/visit in Barcelona during Summer that not everybody knows of yet.

The Cactus Park (Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera)
This place is beautiful. It’s basically a huge garden (3.6 hectares ladies and gentlemen!) of succulents and semi-tropical plants. Bring your book, your camera or a picnic basket and you will find yourself spending hours here. You can get there by bike (it’s not far from the beach), by Uber or by public transport.


The Palo Alto Market
This market is not very known among tourists and takes place every first weekend of each month during Summer. It’s not easy to reach (take public transport or rent a bike), but it’s definitely worth it. You can shop till you drop at local brands (from swimwear to jewellery), enjoy drinks and some music or have lunch with dessert. Good to know: when I visited, they also had a stand with gluten free and lactose free desserts!
Entrance fee is 4 euro per person.


The beach!
Again: rent a bike (I highly recommend to rent a bike, if you’re comfortable with it) and cruise down the boulevard at the beach. Have a dip in the ocean or have lunch at one of the restaurants near the beach (my fav: Surf House). (Okay sure, everybody knows about the beach, but you’ll find lots of locals here to). If you want to try something different, take the train to Sitges beach – that’s where the locals go to avoid the big tourist groups.


Of course, if you’ve never been to Barcelona you should definitely:

  • Visit Parc Guëll, one of the major works of Gaudi.
  • See the Sagrada Familia, it’s beautiful church with so much details.
  • Take the teleferic at Montjuïc, it’s like a ski lift over Barcelona.
  • Visit the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella.
  • Visit the stores that is Barcelona rich.


What’s your favorite thing to do in Barcelona?