This is what a DNA test revealed about my health

Gabrielle Koster

Remember when I took a DNA test to find more out about my heritage? That was so much fun and you all loved reading that. But there’s more that our DNA can reveal about ourselves than just heritage…

You know when you go to a doctor with chronic complain and he or she asks you if it runs in your family? That’s because a lot of health matters are connected through DNA. So when I found out you can actually take a DNA test that reveals if you have a higher risk of being overweight, a higher risk of getting Diabetes type 2 or a higher risk of getting a certain vitamin shortage, I had to take it. Because knowing what possible health risks run in your DNA, could prevent me from getting certain diseases or shortages.

Analyse your DNA

I ordered my health DNA kit at, they have three options: basic, complete and premium. Curious as I am, I went for the premium version which reveals 30 things about your health, from the risk of getting Diabetes type 2 to the color of your eyes. Now I know that sounds weird right, I mean: you know what color your eyes are? But you can carry certain DNA that is not reflected in you. So my eyes are green, but I can give you the scoop that I carry the DNA for blue eyes!

How does it work?

Okay, so how does it work? You order the kit and receive a box at home. You swap the inside of your cheeks and send the box back. And then the waiting begins… As you can understand, it takes a while to process the DNA and to gather all the results. And when the process is done, you will receive an email with the results!

The results

Drumroll please! Are you ready for some of my results? I received 30 results, but will share some of the most interesting ones with you. Here they are!


  • Risk of overweight – Lower risk
  • Diabetes type 2 – Higher risk
  • Unhealthy lifestyle – Normal sensitivity
  • The obesity gene – weighs 1.5 kilos more

In conclusion

My genetic score for BMI is 79 out of 192. For people of European descent the average score is 91. Based on the genetic risk score of Analyse Me, I run a lower than average risk of obesity. And according to my DNA, I have reduced insulin production and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. But no worries, I can still enjoy my chocolate and fries since I have a normal sensitivity for an unhealthy lifestyle. But those 1,5 kilos on my hips? Obviously, can’t help those. It’s in my DNA!


  • Folic acid –  Normal need
  • Vitamin B2 – Normal need
  • Vitamin C – Less vitamin C in the blood
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – Normal requirement
  • Caffeine and sleep – Normal sensitivity
  • Vitamin D – Higher risk of deficiency
  • Vitamin A – Slightly increased risk of deficiency
  • Vitamin B6 – Slightly increased risk of deficiency
  • Vitamin B12 – Normal risk of deficiency

This part is quite interesting, because it gives me insight in my possible deficiencies. In my case, I have to watch my Vitamin C, D, A and B6. Very important vitamines that play an important role in my overall health.

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in metabolism, especially in the build-up and breakdown of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), but also in fats and carbohydrates. In addition, the vitamin is involved in the production and breakdown of neurotransmitters, certain hormones and red blood cells. A deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to anemia, nervous disorders, depression and reduced resistance. Scientific research has shown that different genetic variants influence the amount of vitamin B6 in your blood, and possibly also the risk of running a vitamin B6 deficiency. Interesting right?


  • Muscle building – Sprinter

You read that right… I have 2 working copies of the ACTN3 gene, the gene for speed, just like most top sprinters. How cool is that?

Fun facts

  • Abdominal flu – Not resistant
  • Red hair – Probably no red hair
  • Eye color – Blue eyes
  • Warrior vs. worrier – Warrior

About that first one: the only reason I drink a coke whenever I travel outside of Europe is exactly for that reason. And even though I have green eyes, I’m carrier of the blue eye gene, so my babies will have a big chance of having blue eyes. What that ‘warrior vs worrier’ means? Based on my DNA, I’m a fast breaker of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which means I have lower concentrations of dopamine in my brain under normal circumstances. This is associated with a higher pain threshold and lower stress sensitivity, and with an improvement in performance under stressful conditions. People with my genotype are therefore often called warriors (fighters). Now where did I lieve my shield and horse?

I’m so excited for knowing all these cool things and I think it will benefit my overall health. I started looking into getting in extra B  and C vitamins.

Isn’t this dangerous?

Analyse Me offers you access to your DNA, but you are the only one who determines what happens with your data. Sometimes sharing your data can be useful, for example because you want to give access to your results to your doctor or dietician. However, Analyse Me only shares your data with your explicit permission.  The websites uses multifactor authentication to log in to their online platform, to ensure that only you have access to your data. In addition, they use advanced data encryption methods, to store your data in an unrecognisable manner. Good to know, right?

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