This is what all women who feel connected to nature want to know

Gabrielle Koster

Is your menstrual cycle like the cycle of the moon?

Warning: what you’re about to read can be categorized as spiritual. If you don’t like articles about spirituality, please stop reading. Namas..- I mean.. – K-bye.

Did you know: a moon cycle takes about 28 days. Coincidentally, so does a menstrual cycle.

The moon builds up in phases:

– New Moon
– Waxing Moon
– Full Moon
– Waning Moon

The menstrual cycle has phases as well:

– Menstrual phase (your period)
– Follicular phase
– Ovulation
– Luteal phase

Back in the days, before hormonal birth control and hormone disruptors in food, cosmetics and packaging, lots of our ancestors had a menstrual cycle like the moon cycle. They had their periods during the New Moon also called The White Moon Cycle. But not all women had their periods during the new moon, there were many who had it during Full Moon, also called The Red Moon Cycle. Some say that if you’re healthy in every way (physical, emotional, sexual, mental and soulful) you will have a White Moon Cycle or a Red Moon Cycle and you will have your period on the new moon or the full moon.

White Moon Cycle vs Red Moon Cycle

‘The White Moon Cycle is the kind that is more commonly experienced. Historically this is down to the impact of light on the Earth and our bodies  – the full moon is the Earth’s most fertile time because of the additional light received by plants when there is bright moonlight as well as sunlight, and this is why it is traditionally associated with the ovulation phase. Although the White Moon cycle is more common – that’s getting your period on the new moon and ovulating on the full moon – a Red Moon cycle has interesting traditional connotations. Women who experience a Red Moon cycle have historically been thought to be healers, wise women, or medicine women. These women could take care of the other women who were on their period at the time that they themselves were ovulating. It’s also associated with creation in realms other than getting pregnant and having children – when the woman’s focus is on creating art, a business, or a new way of life for herself and others,’ according to

Healing an hormonal imbalance

Sounds interesting right? That’s what I thought. Now, according to lots of hormone experts (like Crispijn Hartzema from the book Het Hormoon Geheim), a lot of people have an hormonal imbalance. ‘Pseudo-hormones, xeno-oestrogens, hormone disruptors and/or hormone disruptors are synthetic substances that act in the body as natural hormones because their chemical structure corresponds in whole or in part to those of natural hormones, especially those of estrogen,’ is what Crispijn tells us in his book.

According to him we should eat as pure as possible (no conservatives) and a lot of green food. We should eat the good types of sugars (fruits and slow carbs like sweet potato) and be careful with starchy products. Also choose the good types of fat (olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds) and not eat too much of that. We should avoid chemicals like BPA, parabens and phthalates which are often find in packaging, plastic (bottles) and cosmetics.

So, is your menstrual cycle in line with a moon cycle, red or white?