Three days in Berlin: where to go & what to do

Gabrielle Koster

No Eiffeltower, no beautiful beach, no romantic canals: although Berlin is unlike any other city and it’s not necessarily filled with beautiful things to look at, this city has got you hooked once you visit it. Now I’m not sure if that’s because of the cool vibe, the thousands of vegan restaurants, the cool people walking around or the party scene, but Berlin is definitely a must-visit. 

First of all, take the train if possible. It saves a lot of CO2 emission and it allows you to watch a movie, do some work or read a book. It’s the perfect way to travel, really.

What to do

Go vintage shopping

Berlin has a big vintage scene. Take the metro to Kreuzberg for some vintage shopping. Good to know, just like in Amsterdam, vintage doesn’t mean cheaper than ‘new’ clothing. There are some cheaper vegan stores, like PicknWeight. 

Visit Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz in Mitte is one of the best-known public squares in Berlin. It has a great historic value, the architecture is amazing and if you like views, definitely visit the Berliner Fernsehturm.

Do a forkandwalktour

Learn all about the typical Berlin food by booking a tour at With locals. The lovely Dov, originally from Australia, but living in Berlin for a while now shows you around depending on your food preference. Places he took us, for example? 

  • A typical Berlin ‘hotdog’ kind of place, but made with tofu instead of meat. 
  • Veganz, a huge vegan supermarket. 
  • Kanaan, an restaurant with mostly vegan dishes from Israel (did anybody say hummus?!)
  • A Vietnamese place (forgot the name, sorry) with really good mango shakes and tofu dishes.
  • A 24-hour supermarket for some Berlin booze called Berlin Luft which tastes like toothpaste – and that somehow is more pleasant than you would expect. 


The party scene in Berlin is huge. Take not: the partying doesn’t start before 2am, sometimes it even starts at 4am. Berghain is probably one of the most famous clubs of Berlin, where cameras are not allowed – and for a reason. Wilde Renate has a great vibe and is definitely worth a visit. But there’s a lot more party to be found in Berlin. 

Where to eat

I only went out for food three times, so here are the two places I visited.

For breakfast: Geh Veg

This place is the ultimate vegan breakfast place. They serve the best vegan coffees and teas, next to yummy vegan bowls, sweet breakfast platters and savory breakfast platters. And yes, they even have dishes with vegan cheese. Check out their website

For dinner: Atilla Hildmann

Famous for his vegan cookbooks is chef Atilla Hildmann. His books are such a great succes, he opened a few restaurants in Germany. Amongst them is the Atilla Hildmann vegan burger place in Kreuzberg. So good. Check out the website

Lonely Planet has more vegan tips for you!

Where to stay

During my stay in Berlin I stayed in a big apartment, that calls itself the Bensimon loft and has small conscious things like vegan and organic shampoo in the bathroom, a wooden dish washer brush and a sign to remind you to turn off the heater. Also in Berlin, the Lulu Guldsmeden hotel which is a conscious hotel with beautiful rooms. I had breakfast here (not a lot of vegan options, unfortunately) but the rooms were incredible. Also, my friends Noa and Chloe stayed at the sustainable Almodovar Hotel.