To the test: light therapy glasses

Gabrielle Koster

When you live in a country with real seasons, like I do, you experience winter, spring, summer and autumn. I love summer, it’s my favorite season because it’s warm, sunny and light outside. Autumn and especially winter are a bit harder for me, since it’s dark, drowsy and the amount of sunlight is very limited. I don’t mind spending some days indoors, but after two days I want to go outside again – without freezing my ass off. The lack of sun light definitely has an effect on me, so when I heard about light therapy, I was very curious.

Light Therapy

Ever heard about light therapy? Light therapy is a method to treat not only Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) but several other ailments (Somber mood – bereavement – sleep disorder due to shift work – advanced and late sleep disorders – jet lag and more). At the core of Light Therapy is the science of Chronobiology (a subset of biology) – Chronobiology studies the circadien rhythms of the human (and other) body – these rhythms fluctuate over 24 hours (approximately) and influence your state of mind (Sleepiness and alertness) at regular intervals – Your Circadian Rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal clock running in the background of your brain – also know as your body clock.

The Luminette

There are different types of light therapy, the one The Luminette uses is light therapy without vitamin D. It’s basically a type of glasses you put on and it emits a rainbow of light, including blue-enriched white light wavelengths peaked at 468 nm. It has been scientifically proven that wavelength of blue light is the most effective at simulating sunlight. It will trigger your body’s positive response to simulated sunlight. The Luminette reproduces the beneficial effects of the sun and stimulates specific receptors, located in the eyes, which activate the energizing response that light has on the body. It will help you to fight against slumps in energy, allowing you to feel more in shape and it will have a regulatory effect on your sleep patterns.

My experience

They conducted studies with people using these glasses, at the University of Liege. The outcome?

  • 58% of users of Luminette noticed their energy levels increase, and felt their level of fatigue was reduced.
  • Using Luminette after lunch is just as beneficial as having an afternoon nap.
  • 68% of Luminette users reported an improvement in the quality of their sleep.

I’ve been trying The Luminette light therapy glasses and it really feels like I’ve been in sunlight. Winter hasn’t officially started yet, but I’ve already been feeling more energized since using this device. Bye bye winter blues!

Try the Luminette

Curious? You can try The Luminette with a 30 days money back guarantee. On top of that, if you use the code GABRIELLE18, you get a whopping 20 euro’s discount at Definitely worth trying, right?