Vegan hotspot in Amsterdam: Bar Kantoor

Gabrielle Koster

Oh my, the excitement of hearing there’s another(!) restaurant in Amsterdam serving good vegan and organic food! It makes me so happy. So when I heard Bar Kantoor, located in a beautiful building on the Westergasterrein, served vegan food next to their standard meat-dishes, I had to try it out.

Bar Kantoor

So, the name of this restaurant literally translates to Bar Office. It’s ‘where the workaholic in you takes over. Turn on your out of office reply and check in at Bar Kantoor for lunch, dinner or to hang out at the bar. Enjoy signature cocktails and delicious organic bites and dishes,’ according to Bar Kantoor. But no worries, when you enter the building, nothing reminds you of deadlines. The only thing on your mind? The good food coming from the open kitchen.

On the menu

Whether you’re up for a fancy three course dinner, or just for some typical Dutch bitterballen: Bar Kantoor does both. And yes, both vegan. It’s the ideal place to take your meat-eating friends, while you enjoy some vegan food. Some of the vegan dishes on the menu? Vegetable tempura, green curry, soerendeng, crispy rice noodles. Or turnip, variation of carrots, sea buckthorn, fermented shiitake mushrooms. If you like salads, what about the burrata salad, mushrooms, tarragon, crostini or the salad with veggies from the rotisserie, muhamara dressing, walnut, pomegranate. Oh and, they serve fries as well.


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