What is Cryotherapy and what are the benefits?

Gabrielle Koster

If you’ve been following my InstaStories you know that I’ve been visiting a Cryotherapy studio. Cryotherapy literally means cold therapy. What it entails? For about 3 minutes, you enter a room that is -110 degrees Celsius. Now why would you do that? It’s believed that exposing our bodies to this temperature is supposed to have several benefits, like reducing inflammatory response. Here are the the possible benefits of Cryotherapy.

It reduces inflammatory response

A study published on PubMed, found that cryotherapy had a big effect on the inflammatory response with rats.

It also helps with depression and anxiety

The extreme cold can cause physiological hormonal responses, releasing adrenaline, noradrenaline and endorphins, this study found. Because of the release of those hormones, cryotherapy can have a short-term effect on depression and anxiety.

It can help with psoriasis and eczema

Very cold air has been reported to increase the body’s antioxidative capacity. And because of the anti-inflammatory effect mentioned above, this therapy can benefit people with dermatitis and psoriasis, since it can relieve the inflammation and itch.

It reduces migraine symptoms

Cooling the neck has about the same effect. It’s thought that, by cooling the blood passing through intracranial vessels, the carotid arteries (which are close to the skin’s surface) cool down, reducing the migraine pain. More about this study here.

It has an effect on your metabolism

A single session of Whole Body Cryotherapy has been shown to cause the body to burn an additional 500 – 800 calories. The cold also has an effect on white body fat (the ‘bad’ type of fat vs brown fat which is the ‘good’ type of fat).

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Note: People with diabetes or any conditions that affect their nerves should not use cryotherapy. It’s also a good idea to have your blood pressure checked every time you use this method.