What I’ve learned after spending three days in a yogaretreat

Gabrielle Koster

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that I spend three days in a beautiful yoga retreat in the hills of Italy last week. I was there on invitation of LaDress, because they’ve developed a beautiful yoga collection called LaDress Balance.

Good to know, first of all: all the fabrics LaDress uses, are made in Italy in a eco conscious way, they are a member of Fair Wear Foundation and they score very well on the sustainability scale. To try the new Balance wear, I was invited to spend three days in Italy. I was there together with Milou Turpijn (editor in chief of Women’s Health magazine), Josephine Kay (editor in chief of Bedrock Magazine) and Isabella Machiné (cofounder of Go With The Glow), photographer Iman Whitfield, yoga teacher Kristin Skotnes Vikjord and Tatiana from LaDress.


Enjoying the stunning view at the retreat

Everyday we enjoyed 2 hours of yoga in the morning by Kristin and 2 hours of yoga in the afternoon. After every lesson, Kristin asked to us to answer certain questions. These questions I would like to share with you, since I think they could be really insightful.

The questions we were asked to answer:

  1. Do you recall the last situation you felt at ease?
  2. When do you feel at ease (3-5 situations)?
  3. How is it that you can feel more at ease?
  4. Think of a situation where you felt empowered.
  5. When is it that you feel empowered?
  6. How can you feel more empowered in daily life?

Yoga with Josephine & Milou, picture by Iman Whitfield

In general, we’re mostly somewhat aware of when we feel happy, at ease or empowered. But taking a moment to really think about these situations and to write them down, makes that you’re more aware of them and of what makes you feel good. I can really recommend writing down the answers to these 6 questions, like I did and see what they will bring you.


Yoga with Milou, pics by Iman Whitfield


At the end of the three days, we were asked what we would like to bring home. The things I wrote down to bring home with me?

What I’ve learned after spending three days in a yoga retreat

  1. Take more time to tune in and ask myself: how am I feeling right now?
  2. Trust the process and my own gut feeling, go with the flow.
  3. Train myself to have moments in every day where I focus on being ‘here, now’.
  4. Plan more alone time and say ‘no’ more often.

During these three days, I really had the time to tune in and to remind myself of the things that make me feel good.

image1 (3)

Wearing LaDress Balance

I can really recommend to visit a yoga retreat for a couple of days. It really felt like a pause in my busy life and got to take the time to tune in. Waking up to an amazing mountain view with crispy fresh air also did me very well. Also, the company was great and the outfits were super comfortable.


Chatting with Josephine & Milou after class, all wearing LaDress Balance

Want to score a super comfortable and eco conscious yoga outfit by LaDress? Check out their website.


In the yoga retreat that looked more like a little village, dress by LaDress