Why I cried during yoga class

Gabrielle Koster

When I first hit puberty and my super skinny curve-less body changed into a body wíth curves and big hips: I hated it. I remember shopping for a prom gown with my mom and every single one of those (vintage) dresses emphasized my hips and I felt terrible about it. My mom told me it was beautiful, but I did nót know what to do with the sudden growth of my hips. A few years later, I was quite grateful for cool ‘icons’ like Beyoncé that were só confident with their curvaceous bodies.

The now

It’s been at least 10 years since I went through puberty and I’ve really learned to appreciate the way my body is build. Most of the times. And I’m at the age where I dare to wear prints on my legs(!). Something I simply didn’t do, because it emphasized my legs way too much. When I put this on paper, I can actually think: really girl, get a grip, you’re worrying about this kind of bullsh*t? But I did. And I think a lót of women do. And I can still sometimes wish I didn’t have these love handles.

But last week, during yoga class, something happened during Shavasana (the relaxing pose at the end of a yoga class). I started crying.

Shooting the new Röhnisch collection

Crying during yoga class

I did the ‘body scan’, where you focus on your body parts one by one. Starting with your feet, all the way up to your head. I suddenly felt so grateful for this ingenious ‘machine’. The body, my body. We’re always so busy with what our body can’t do or with what is wrong. But holy moly, have you ever realized how many things your body DOES? And how incredibly magical it works? I started crying. Out of gratefulness. I felt so thankful for the body that was given to me. And for all the things that I could do because of this strong body!

So whenever I look in the mirror and focus on the ‘not so pretty’ things, I remind myself of that moment and how grateful I felt.

Self love

I found this 31 Days of Self Love-calender sort of thing when I was scrolling on Pinterest. It has small tasks, that you can follow 31 days long. If you have trouble with appreciating yourself and your body, this might be a good one. Food for thought for sure.

Your body loves you. Love it back. Thank you for reading, beautiful.